Dine with decision makers tomorrow

Quiche Matchen

Dine with decision makers has been an Student Government Association tradition for several years. The event pairs mayors and officials with SGA senators and other students. This year, the event will take place Wednesday, Dec. 5 in the Kentucky Museum at 5:30 p.m.

SGA executive vice president, Keyana Boka said this year there are more decision makers than in the past.


“We’re expecting a lot of different types of discussion about higher education, costs, and the state’s role in all of this,” she said. “So both sides can understand each other and hopefully be productive.”

Boka said she thinks there are few opportunities like this on campus for students and she hopes SGA members take advantage of the opportunity.

Students can expect to be seated with decision makers that have similar interest or fields as them.

“We’re hoping to kind of help the conversation by placing similar people together,” she said.

Decision makers and WKU administrators will be spread out at different tables.

Boka said last year she sat at Ransdell’s table and they came up with a social networking business campaign.

Guests can expect to see big names in the state arena. Boka said State Sen. Jody Richards, John Minton, chief justice for the Kentucky Supreme Court, mayors and other officials have RSVP’d.