Chic Chicks: Prints, patterns and textures spice up fall and winter

Amber Plunkett

I’ll be the first to admit that fall isn’t my favorite season. Mainly because I know winter is next, which means temperatures in the 30s and no sunshine after 5 p.m.

There are a few things I love about this time of the year, though. Fall is vibrant with patterns and textures, and the colors are bolder and warmer. Because we’re covered from head to toe, patterns, prints and textures become a great form of self-expression.

As for patterns, you can’t go wrong with any variation of leopard in my opinion (which is no surprise, because I love cats).

It may seem daring at first, but the print is versatile for class and anything else you may do later.

Just remember to let the print be the star of the show. If you’re wearing leopard print pants, for example, wear a top that’s more modest in a solid color. If leopard pants aren’t for you, try the pattern a little bit at a time with a scarf or belt.

The next two trends can be tricky — lace overlays and floral prints. Both were huge last season and continue to be fresh for this fall. However, too much of one can seem a little grandma-ish.

Keep your floral prints and lace on trend by balancing out their femininity with a more masculine, tailored piece. Try a structured blazer or a pair of studded smoking slippers.

The next two patterns will be big for the holiday season, and I’m predicting they’ll linger into next spring as well. (I may not have done a very good job at predicting the presidential election results, but I’m fairly certain these prints are going to be around for a while.)

Anything with a scarf-print motif is a great trend to add to your wardrobe. The motif is an extremely vibrant, colorful, ornate pattern, which tends to mimic Versace’s famous pieces. Despite the name, this print isn’t just for scarves anymore. Many retailers are offering pants and blouses in scarf-print motifs.

Though the second trend, brocade, is common in home-décor, the patterned texture has made its way into the fashion realm as well. Brocade has a very vintage feel that is reminiscent of the old-world Golden Age in Europe. It’s detailed, classic and elegant. It will be great to wear at holiday gatherings — in a skirt or ankle pants — but can easily transition to day wear with a slouch sweater and booties.

Again, the key with all these trends is to let the print be the focal point of your outfit. Adding these into your daily wardrobe will make fall and early winter a little more exciting —although it’s still going to get dark by late afternoon.

Sorry, Chic Chicks readers, I can give you suggestions on what to wear, but I can’t change the seasons.