L is for labbie: Student workers maintain computer centers

Adam Gilbert, a labbie in Mass Media, said the best part of the job is “being able to get all my homework done and actual work done.” 

Maciena Justice

Maintaining the status quo in the computer lab means keeping the printers running and eliminating distractions. For labbies, that means sitting at the desk until something goes wrong.

Utica sophomore Adam Gilbert started working in the Snell, Grise and Mass Media and Technology halls computer labs at the start of this semester.

Gilbert is in the Honors program as a computer science major. His girlfriend, Kankakee, Ill., sophomore Alyssa Born, said he was the reason she passed college algebra.

Born said any time she needs assistance in the lab, he is her go-to guy.

“When it comes to math and computers, he’s incredibly intelligent,” she said.

Gilbert applied for a lab position because he wanted to be able to work on campus. The lab position allows him to interact with people “even if it’s just a computer problem,” he said.

His duties include keeping the printers working and troubleshooting any problems.

“It’s probably the best job I’ll ever have,” he said.

Gilbert said his job is laid back and stress free.

“It’s a nice break from the stress of school,” he said.

When it comes to disruptions like loud music or talking, there’s not a lot he has to do.

Beaver Dam sophomore Harrison Cook, who is also a labbie, said the amount of commotion depends on the lab.

“It gets busier at the end of the year,” Cook said. “People pretty much police themselves.”

Cook works at the lab in Thompson Complex and has known Gilbert since seventh grade. He said his roommate is very studious.

“He works hard to maintain his scholarships,” Cook said.

Monitoring a computer lab can become monotonous, so in order to pass the time Gilbert works on his homework, watches TV shows and movies, and occasionally plays video games on his laptop.

“I’ve been watching ‘Office Space’ recently,” he said.

In his free time, Gilbert likes to hang out with his friends. They usually play board games and watch movies.

Gilbert’s schedule is similar to Cook’s, so when he isn’t working in the lab or in class, they’re competing in “Halo” and “Call of Duty.”

Born said her boyfriend is fun to be around, so people flock to him.

“When it comes to his circle of friends, he’s the one entertaining them all,” she said.

Cook said Gilbert is outgoing and a very goofy guy.

“He’s not the kind of person you get sick of,” Cook said.