AOPi wins Paddy Murphy pageant

Chela Counts

Bowling Green native and former Miss Kentucky titleholder Ann Blair

Thornton was one of four judges to select this year’s Paddy Murphy

Pageant winner, a pageant hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

After being sanctioned for hazing last fall, Morgantown senior Cody Murphy, SAE president, said his organization has returned this year with high hopes and new traditions.

“We started a new tradition where the sororities are actually making coolers for us, which we’re auctioning off to our own members and everday each sorority has a chance to paint the lion outside our fraternity house which is painted right now in puzzle pieces by the Kappa Delta’s for the Kelly Autism Program,”Murphy said. “This says something about their sorority and it gives them publicity and us publicity as well.”

And although new customs have been introduced, the legacy of Paddy

Murphy still remains. According to (SAE) legend, Murphy, a 1920’s

Chicago mobster working with and leading a prohibition-era syndicate

with Al Capone, was forced to surrender by federal agent Elliott Ness.

Ness who was also a member of SAE and shot and killed Murphy, wasn’t

aware he killed one of his own until after receinving the SAE

handshake by Murphy. Ness honored him with a funeral, WKU honors him

with a pageant.

Philip Warman, a junior from Chicago, Ilinois, explains the pageant

selection process.

“Each sorority nominates ladies, as it is advised to do at least two

and it’s $50.00 for them to compete,” Warman said.

Like all pageants to conclude their night, winners were announced.

Second-runner up went to Lexington junior Morgan Neuer of Alpha Delta

Pi, first-runner up went to Hannah Bobbinger of Chi Omega sorority and Julia Hartz of Alpha Omega Pi sorority was crowned this year’s Paddy Murphy Pageant winner.

Although Neuer earned third place, she says she was more proud of

herself for stepping outside of her comfort zone.

“I’ve never done anything on stage in my life,” Neuer said. “Never

been in pageants, a total sports girl, so for me to get up here and do

this it was a huge accomplishment for myself to prove that I could do

something like this

because I’m totally out of my element. So I’m very happy with third place, I’ll

take it,” she said.

In the near future SAE president Cody Murphy says that he and his

organization are open to seeing members from all sororities all campus


“It would be an amazing opportunity for our chapter and we would love

for as many individuals and groups to get involved.”