SGA working with Glasgow campus to have representation

Quiche Matchen

After a picnic with President Gary Ransdell and the Administrative Council yesterday, Student Government Association got back to business during tonight’s meeting.

SGA President Cory Dodds said he and Christopher Costa, speaker of the senate, went to the Glascow campus to talk to students and faculty about reinstating their student representative body, and incorporating it with SGA on main campus.

Chicago sophomore Roy Ratliff came from Glasgow campus to observe the meeting. Ratliff said he came because he’s interested in representing that campus.

During opening announcements Costa clarified that roll-call voting was only temporary and will only be implemented as he sees fit. Costa told the Herald earlier in the week that roll-call voting was a “disciplinary action” in response to students senators not voting.

Costa opened the floor to any student speaker to talk about any issues. 

Las Vegas, Nev., junior Tiffanee Lang was the only student to take the floor.

Lang said she thinks it’s hard for out-of-state students can’t fulfill the duties as being students because they’re worried about “dropping below the bottom line,” or being dropped by the university. 

“Out-of-state students are hurting,” Lang said. “At this rate it’s just hard.”

A resolution to support the reopening of the South Campus food court and an organization aid bill were up for second read tonight.

The South Campus food court has been closed since the beginning of the semester. Faculty, staff and students weren’t aware of this change until the first day of classes.

The Organizational Aid bill included support for Student Veteran’s Alliance, the WKU student chapter of American Society for Microbiology and the Academic Competition Club.

Student Veteran’s Alliance requested $175 to cover the cost of five members’ registration to attend a national convention.

The WKU student chapter of the American Society for Microbiology requested $150 for the cost of registration of 10 members to attend a branch meeting.

The Academic Competition Club requested $275 for registration costs of two teams to compete in an academic tournament at Vanderbilt University.

The South Campus resolution and Organization bill were both approved.

An organization bill for the Hilltoppers for Life organization went up for first read.

The Hilltoppers for Life bill requested $375 to rent a photo booth for a anti-abortion photo experience program.