DELO restructures non-credit offices

Taylor Harrison

The Division of Extended Learning and Outreach has restructured its office to better use its resources and reach multiple audiences.

Beth Laves, associate vice president for DELO, said the office renamed the non-credit portion of DELO the Continuing and Professional Development.

Previously, different offices within DELO were doing non-credit outreach. Laves wanted to centralize the offices so they would be more efficient.

“There’s such a huge potential for growth here that I’m really excited about it,” Laves said.

Within the new office, there will be two separate offices: Career and Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning.

Laves said Career and Workforce Development will focus on programs for working professionals who need more education. It will also do workforce training with businesses.

“As our students graduate and get jobs and they still need to keep updated in their profession,” Laves said.

Lifelong Learning is a community outreach program.

Sharon Woodward, program director of Lifelong Learning, said previously it was hard to market DELO’s courses because they were geared toward different people.

Woodward said the office’s real emphasis will be on getting the community to see what WKU has to offer, like the floral shop on campus.