SGA passes aid bill, implements new voting system

Quiche Matchen

Student Government Association convened for their eighth meeting Tuesday night, which revolved around reading bills, announcements and swearing in a new officer.

The first bill to go up was for organizational aid that included money Student Veteran’s Alliance, the WKU student chapter of the American Society for Microbiology and the Academic Competition Club. That bill went up for first read.

The Student Veteran’s Alliance requested $175 for funding of for five students to attend the national convention for student veteran organizations.

WKU American Society of Microbiology requested $150 for 10 members to attend a branch meeting in Maryville, Tenn.

The Academic Competition Club requested $275 for registration costs for two teams to compete in a fall tournament at Vanderbilt University.

A resolution to support having a food court at South Campus that was supposed to go up for a second read was held in new business because a representative from the Student Affairs committee did not show up to the Legislative Research Council meeting.

The Legislative Research Council is where senators finalize the agenda for the next meeting.

The organization aid appropriations bill for WKU Athletics Street Team and Relay for Life went up for second read.

The aid for the WKU Athletics Street Team includes $500 for clothing at WKU sporting event. Relay for Life requested $400 for an iPad for a charity raffle on Oct. 27.

The bill was unanimously approved.

Bowling Green junior Christopher Costa, speaker of the senate, said during the meeting he’s noticed that senators weren’t casting votes from time to time and stressed how important it is to vote.

In response to the lack of voting, SGA will now have roll call vote.

Roll call voting means that the student secretary calls roll and as a senators name is called they must cast their vote.

Costa said until he sees all senators’ casting votes SGA will continue roll call voting.

Also in the meeting:

  • Bowling Green junior Keyana Boka, executive vice president, said in the meeting that she had talked to Joelle Davis, assistant vice president of retention and student services. Davis wants SGA to help spread the word that deadlines for tuition and fees not being met and classes being dropped is Oct. 23.
  • SGA President Cory Dodds reminded members to RSVP for the President’s Picnic on Oct. 22 and SGA will have Homecoming tent at McLean lawn.
  • Raleigh, N.C., graduate student Kyle O’Donnell was sworn in as student senator.