Speaker teaches students how to create a brand

Seth Hutchins

Students in Grise Hall auditorium learned first impressions count when landing a job on Wednesday.

Blane Ruschak, executive director of University Relations and Recruiting for tax firm KPMG, spoke to students on how to brand themselves to prospective employers. Although he has experience in business, Ruschak said his tips should work for those in any field.

“These are tips that will apply no matter what industry you go into,” he said.

Ruschak explained that employers look for people who have both good leadership and teamwork skills. Being Flexible and adaptable are also attributes to have, he said.

“Industries need people who can adapt and be flexible to the changes that occur in that industry and based on the economy,” he said.

Ruschak also gave pointers on resumes. He listed all of the information students should include, but warned them to keep it short.

“Never more than one page,” he said. “That‘s the general rule.”

Mock interviews was something else Ruschak said is important to prepare for an interview.

“It gives you the experience of having to deal with spontaneous questions,” he said.

One of the final tips Ruschak gave was that global brand is important for students to have. He said employers are looking for people who can operate global environments and have a global mindset.

“We need you to be able to integrate with people around the world, working on the same clients but in different countries,” Ruschak said.

Ruschak said that developing a second language and studying abroad will make you more valuable to employers.

Junior Kirsten Cobb said she was glad she learned about what businesses look for.

“It was nice to know I could put my GPA on my resume,” she said.

One of the students attending Ruschak’s lecture was

Oaxaca, Mexico senior Ivan Valero also said he learned a lot of helpful information from Ruschak’s lecture.

“It was fun to understand how you can present yourself when you have an interview going on,” he said.