SGA promoting student voting on Election Day

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association is giving out T-shirts in exchange for “I Voted” stickers to students who vote on the upcoming Nov. 8 Election Day.

The shirts, designed by SGA public relations director, Jane Wood, say “Tops Tops Tops” on the front and “Vote Vote Vote” on the back. They will be red with white letters.

Students who bring their sticker to the SGA office on the first floor of DUC will get a free T-shirt.

Kendrick Bryan, SGA executive vice president, said the Tops Vote idea came about when he “gave an idea and they rolled with it.”

Bryan first came up with the idea when he saw something similar on another student government website.

It is the job of the student government to be advocates for many issues, including encouraging students to vote on Election Day, Bryan said. A good collegiate turnout can greatly affect the outcome of an election, he added.

“Your vote is your voice,” he said.

Cody Murphy, SGA Public Relations chairperson, said since SGA is a governing body at WKU, they feel like it’s important that students contribute to something that matters and get involved in “the bigger picture.”

The goal of the T-shirt give-away is to increase voter turnout, especially with so many WKU students away from their hometowns, Murphy said.

Voting on Election Day is important because it gives students a chance to say “this is what I believe in,” he said.

Murphy said that whether or not they continue to pass out shirts throughout the week after Election Day will depend on how many are left after Nov. 8.

Wood said leftover T-shirts may be given to anyone who comes in, not just people with “I Voted” stickers. Bryan said the SGA could use leftover T-shirts in the future for public relations purposes.