Band ‘Schools’ creating Bowling Green connections

Drummer Daniel Marlowe and guitarist J.D. Minor rehearse with their band, Schools, for an upcoming gig.

Chris Rutledge

After Cage The Elephant and friends finished rocking South Lawn last month, the party continued at Tidball’s. There Cage gathered with fans to watch one of their favorite local bands, Schools.

Schools formed in Bowling Green in November 2010. While the members weren’t born here, they have been here for many years.

Schools singer-songwriter Jeremi Simon goes way back with Cage. He used to work at a restaurant with Matt and Brad Shultz while they were in high school.

“They’ve always been very supportive, and we’re the same way toward them,” he said. “It’s been great to see them supporting the Bowling Green music scene.”

Simon, who graduated from WKU in 2006, said the school is a big part of what attracted most of the members to Bowling Green in the first place.

“I think we’ve all had our stints with WKU,” Simon said.

Another reason Schools calls Bowling Green home is because growing up in neighboring cities, Bowling Green was one of the only interesting places within driving distance.

“It was the place to go if you didn’t have shit to do,” Simon said.

Keyboardist Russell Brooks can think of another reason.

“Bowling Green had a Walmart,” Brooks said.

Simon describes Schools’ sound as garage-rock.

“We have some of the same influences, but we all have different stuff,” he said. “I’m a big fan of Neil Young, Lou Reed, 90s grunge, British rock from the late 60s, punk…”

These influences can be heard in Simon’s songs, which he said come from personal experiences and thoughts.

“It’s like a coping thing – dealing with the stuff that’s going on around you, and coming to terms with that,” he said. “Some of it can be random and I really don’t even know what it means when I write it, like a collection of words that came to me.”

The band is set to start recording its first album this week and will work with Cage producer Jay Joyce in Nashville.
The band recently reached 1,000 likes on Facebook.

Schools booking agent Ryan Zumwalt said there will also be a secret Halloween show Oct. 29., with details coming soon.

“Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook page for more info,” Zumwalt said, adding that there is a tour currently being planned.

Simon said between the opportunities presented to the band and the famous fans, he is optimistic about the band’s future.

“I think we’re moving in a good direction,” he said. “But only time will tell.”