Bjork: WKU not in contact with other conferences

Cole Claybourn

Athletics Director Ross Bjork on Thursday said WKU has yet to be contacted by any other conferences in the wake of the recent swift-moving conference realignment talk.

Bjork said the reason for that is because of the constant changing nature of realignment talks, calling it “dynamic.”

“Obviously we’re in dialogue with our league and our commissioner, and our president is in dialogue with his colleagues,” he said. “But we haven’t reached out, and we haven’t been contacted by anybody.

“It’s changing hour by the hour. We go to bed Tuesday night and we don’t know about the Pac 12 and then all of a sudden on Wednesday morning, boom — the Pac 12 is staying tight, which means the Big 12 probably stays together in some fashion.”

Most recently, Syracuse and Pittsburgh formally applied to be members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, and Eastern Carolina submitted an application to the Big East.

Bjork said the Sun Belt Conference held a conference call on Tuesday afternoon for athletic directors to discuss the recent movements and discussions in regards to conference realignment.

But on Thursday Bjork reiterated what he’s said for some time — that WKU is content in the Sun Belt.

Likewise, he said WKU isn’t thinking about a possible move to Conference USA or the Mid American Conference.

“We’re attractive. We have a great resume. We’ve got the resources, the ingredients…We’re comparable in many ways to those schools in many ways,” he said. “But to say what might happen or speculate, that doesn’t do you any good.”