WKU backs off 2012 guard who ‘by far’ wanted to be a Topper

WKU backs off 2012 guard who by far wanted to be a Topper

Cole Claybourn

Jeremy Schulkin wanted to play at WKU, and it seemed as if the feelings were mutual.

That was, until about a month ago.

Schulkin, a Westtown (Penn.) point guard from the class of 2012, described the falling out between him and WKU, calling it “upsetting.”

According to him, it started with assistant coach Lawrence Brenneman showing heavy interest in him, until things suddenly took a 90 degree turn.

“He came and saw me at a practice in New Jersey,” Schulkin said. “I guess he liked me. He called a few times. We probably talked about five or six times. Then I saw him at a tournament in Milwaukee and he saw me play.

“After that, I never heard from him again. My high school coach called him, and he never returned his call. So it kind of just went from recruitment to zero recruitment.”

That all happened in early July, just two months after WKU was apparently showing a lot of interest in Schulkin.

Schulkin was especially upset because WKU was “by far” his top choice.

“It was a good basketball situation,” he said. “I would have loved to play there. Everything I heard about the school was great. My best friend’s mom actually went there and she said the campus is amazing and she had a great time. Everything I had heard really made it my top choice.”

Although those types of situations tend to happen in recruiting, Schulkin said he was still left feeling perplexed about how everything turned out.

“I would have been fine if (Brenneman) would have called the coach back and said, ‘We’re no longer interested,’ ‘We have another guy,’ or ‘We don’t think he’s right for our program,'” he said. “But just the fact that they didn’t even call back kind of made me think, ‘Whatever.'”

Schulkin said he hasn’t tried to get in touch with Brenneman or any other coaches himself, mainly because he doesn’t see the point.

“Since he didn’t call my high school coach backoint to do so, I assumed it was a done deal,” he said.

Schulkin has interest from American, Dartmouth and Cornell, among other Patriot League and Ivy League schools.

WKU never officially offered Schulkin a scholarship, and he never took an official or unofficial visit to campus.

At this point, it doesn’t like that visit will ever happen.

However, despite the apparent falling out, Schulkin wasn’t ready to completely rule out WKU just yet.

“I would like to hear the other side of the story,” he said. “If they kind of just said, ‘We didn’t like you, but we like you now,’ I probably wouldn’t (be interested).

“But if they had a reason they didn’t call back or say anything, then I’d probably be interested, because I still like the school and I would still love to play there.”

Coaches aren’t allowed to comment on recruits until after they’ve signed a letter of intent.