Senate rejects change to Honors curriculum

Mike Stunson

A proposal that would have revised Honors College curriculum was rejected by the University Senate at its meeting Thursday.

Currently, all Honors students are required to earn three hours of Honors 300, which are colloquial courses. But the proposal would have made incoming students take Honors 251 instead.

Honors 251, Citizen and Self, is a new course that will be offered next semester. It was designed to serve as a required class, consisting of lecture sessions and small discussion sessions. It will focus on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will lay the foundation for becoming an effective citizen, according to the course catalog.

After a half hour of discussion at the meeting last week, the senate decided to reject the bill.

University Senate chair Kelly Madole said that the curriculum for Honors affects students across all departments, so many of the faculty wanted to weigh in on the matter.

Before being rejected by the senate, the resolution was approved by the Honors Development Board and the University College Curriculum Committee.

Madole said it is probable that the matter of Honors 251 being a required course for Honors students will come up again in the future.