News Brief

Caitlin Carter

Van Brunt named president of counseling org.

In July, Brian Van Brunt, director of the Counseling and Testing Center, began a three-year term as president of the American College Counseling Association.

According to the ACCA’s website, the ACCA is a professional organization for those who work in counseling in higher education. The members’ purpose is to further students’ development.

Elected as president last year, Van Brunt said he has been a member of the ACCA for almost five years now.

As president, Van Brunt said he will work in providing information to members regarding counseling advocacy.

“I’ll assist different colleges and organizations who may be looking at cutting back on counseling, helping them make arguments to keep their counseling centers well-staffed and well-funded,” he said.

Four other WKU employees and graduate students are members of the ACCA, Van Brunt said.

“I think this is great for WKU,” Van Brunt said. “It gives us national recognition in terms of counselor support education. Our involvement in the organization has also kept our counseling center well-staffed and well-funded as well.”