LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Professors should show more school spirit

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past few years, I am sure you have listened to or even been a part of a school spirit argument.

There have been multiple articles in the Herald and even more talk around campus about how WKU students have no school spirit. I went to the WKU vs. UK football game and saw dozens of my classmates wearing blue, which caused an uproar. However, solely blaming the students for the lack of school spirit is wrong.

I walked through a small faculty parking lot the other day and noticed six cars with decals of different schools on them. Yes, I see students wearing University of Louisville hats and UK T-shirts every day, but there are also professors driving around with West Virginia stickers and UK license plates.

I understand that many members of the faculty are proud of their alma mater, just like students may be proud of a classmate from high school that plays for the Wildcats.

And yes, we as students should be proud of our school since we do pay thousands of dollars to come here each year, but faculty members are getting paid to work here, so one would think they would be proud of their workplace.

I am just tired of students being the scapegoats for the lack of school spirit. If we want to see more red around campus, let’s instill it in our professors, too.

Jordan Hatchett

Glasgow junior