Wednesday Round-up

Emily Ulber

World: Thirty-five police officers and 12 civilians were injured on Wednesday in anti-American protests in Kabul. Early reports said it was unclear if anyone had died in the violence. (New York Times)

Nation: Christine O’Donnell, a Conservative activist with Tea Party backing but basically no experience in elective office, defeated long-time Rep. Michael N. Castle in the Republican primary for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat. A Tea Party candidate also pulled an upset in New York. (Los Angeles Times)

State: Ten people were arrested in central Kentucky as the result of a year-long drug investigation. Kentucky State Police said in a news release that those arrested are suspected of making methamphetamine or possessing the ingredients to manufacture meth. (The Courier-Journal)

Other: The debate whether female journalists should work in men’s locker rooms continues after Ines Sainz, a reporter for TV Azteca, was allegedly harassed in the Jets’ locker room. (Washington Post)