Thursday Round-up

Kristen Snyder

World: Pakistan closed an important border crossing for trucks supplying NATO-led coalition troops in Afghanistan on Thursday as an apparent response to an earlier attack. The closure signaled a worsening in military relationship between Pakistan and the United States just three months before the Obama administration takes stock of progress in Afghanistan. (The New York Times)

Nation: A Rutgers University student’s apparent suicide has been linked to the webcast of sexual encounter. The two who captured the encounter on film through a hidden camera could face up to five years in prison. (CNN)

State: The Louisville metro unemployment rate was back to 10 percent in August. Although the recession officially ended in June 2009, the city has been slow to recover. (The Courier-Journal)

Other: Atheists and Agnostics outdid some believers in a religious survey even after the researchers controlled for factors such as age and racial differences. (The New York Times)