107 days around the world

Lindsay Kriz

Elizabethtown junior Tyler Jury joined Phi Gamma Delta, or Fiji, fraternity members in biking across America. They began their journey in Oceanside, Calif., and ended in Yorktown, Va. Jury said the overall trip was about 3,200 miles.

David Keeling, head of the geography and geology department, took students to Argentina for a month as part of the Kentucky Institute for International Studies program. Students spent time studying the country’s geography and interacting with locals.

Roger Murphy, an associate political science professor, spent five weeks with students in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Students took courses in political science, history and Czech literature. They also visited museums, castles, the Auschwitz concentration camp and the countries of Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Cynthia Worcester, a graduate student from Clark Fork, Idaho, went to the small village of Sanika, Ghana, this summer. While in Africa, she and her group helped repair an elementary school and put in two public toilets for the village. They worked alongside local villagers.

Shepherdsville senior Anna Mantooth traveled to the wildlife reserves of South Africa this summer to conduct research on how to keep animals away from crops. She and her team used random sounds to attempt to scare animals away. Their research concluded that the sound of pots and pans banging was the most successful.

Dao Nguyen, a junior from Hanoi, Vietnam, went home for the summer. While there, he ate his traditional cuisine and spent time with family and friends.