Board of Directors for SKyPAC nearing end of search for an executive director

Cristen Friddell

The Board of Directors for the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center has moved closer to choosing an executive director.

Webb Management Services, Inc., in New York, was hired by the board to find candidates to fill the position, said Rick McCue, chairman of the SKyPAC board.

The firm will narrow down the applicants from 42 people to five, then send its recommendations to SKyPAC for further interviewing.

Mary Carpenter, current SKyPAC project manager, is one of the candidates.

She will be one of the finalists for the position, McCue said.

“It’s beginning to take shape,” he said. “We are probably 15 to 18 months away from opening the doors.”

The board hopes to have someone chosen for the position by the end of October.