A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

Tim Harris

Eldon Foley, left, and John Tutino have been friends for more than 10 years. Foley, 54, who used to live with Tutino, 56, now lives alone in Bowling Green Towers where he has lived for the last eight years.

Foley struggles with balance issues that force him to use a wheelchair.

“It’s put me on the floor more than once,” Foley said.

Although the two no longer live together, Tutino comes by to check in on Foley about every other day and to help out however he can.

“I take him to the store every now and then and check in on him,” Tutino said.

It’s a regular routine for the two men to sit outside the towers and catch up, laugh, converse and then head back upstairs to Foley’s apartment for a couple of beers.

Tutino was laid off from his job in March.

“Things are hard right now. No one wants an old dinosaur like me. They want college kids with computer skills,” Tutino said. “I’m looking for another job, but there is not much out there.”

Although life has recently been hard on the two men they use each other for support. Foley’s right forearm displays a dove that he says represents hope for the future.

“John has been a godsend. My life would be hell without him,” Foley said.

“A Thousand Words” is a weekly photo essay that tells untold stories on the edges of campus.