SGA starts spending

Ashlee Clark

They’ve been trying this year to save money, but now they’re trying to spend it.

The Student Government Association is trying to spend the rest of its budget before the end of this semester because the money will not be put into its budget next year.

But SGA members say having money left over at this point in the semester is not unusual.

There is about $45,000 left in the SGA budget, but there have been items SGA has ordered that have not been taken out of its account yet.

Any remaining funds at the end of the semester will be used to offset budget cuts across the university, SGA President John Bradley said.

But he said the remaining budget will probably be spent before the end of the semester.

SGA’s original budget for the 2003-04 academic year was about $105,000, Bradley said.

“I guarantee that we’re not going to have $45,000 at the end that we’re going to have to spend,” he said.

There may be a greater amount of money remaining because of the freeze on SGA’s budget at the beginning of the semester, said Nick Todd, SGA vice president of finance.

He said SGA had to be “frugal” because they were not sure if they were going to lose some of the money out of the budget.

He said the remaining SGA budget could be used for campus improvements such as benches or shuttle shelters.

“We don’t get that money back, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t put that money back to the students,” he said.

Robert Watkins, chair of the legislative research committee, said that most of the legislation that requires money goes to campus improvements.

He said SGA has done a good job of saving money throughout the year because there is money remaining in different areas of the budget.

“I think it is rather good that we didn’t throw money at things, but it would’ve been nice to find a good cause for it,” he said.

Todd advised the SGA committees at Tuesday’s meeting to submit all legislation that involves spending money at next week’s SGA meeting.

There are only two SGA meetings left this semester.

In other news:

SGA will sponsor a dining services forum at 4 p.m. today in Downing University Center room 305.

Auxiliary Services Director Rob Chrisler, Dining Services Director Barry Wells and other dining services officials will attend the forum.

Students, faculty and staff will be allowed to ask questions or share concerns about the dining services at Western.

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