Todd elected SGA president

Ashlee Clark

A bouquet of yellow flowers sat in the Student Government Association office last night with a card that read, “Good luck, you’re my hero.”

It was from Henderson junior Nick Todd’s mother.

That wish of luck may have paid off.

Todd’s election as the next SGA president was announced at about 12:30 this morning.

Todd received 772 votes. His opponent, Bulan junior Jessica Martin, received 424 votes.

A total of 1,232 students voted in the two-day online elections, which ended at 11:59 last night.

“This is definitely the highlight of my year,” Todd said.

He will be sworn into office at the SGA banquet on April 27, SGA President John Bradley said.

Todd said he hopes Martin will continue to be a part of SGA in the future.

“She is as much in this organization as I am,” he said.

Todd said he may offer an appointment to Martin to become chief of staff, a position created by the new SGA constitution that was approved last week in a student referendum.

Martin did not comment this morning after the election results were announced.

She said before the announcement that she was “mentally and physically exhausted” from campaigning.

Radcliff sophomore Katie Dawson was elected executive vice president with 778 votes. She defeated Louisville junior Anna Bisig, who had 373 votes.

Evelina Petkova, a junior from Bulgaria, was elected administrative vice president with 692 votes. She defeated Jackson junior Josh Collins, who had 481.

Petkova said she can’t wait to start her duties.

“All this hard work has been rewarded,” she said.

Dawson said she thinks the new executive officers will promote student involvement and participants.

Dawson, Petkova and Todd all searched through their cell phones following the election result announcement, looking for friends and family to share the news of their victories.

“I just want to let you know I’m the next student body president,” Todd said to a friend over the phone.

Bradley said he was disappointed by the voter turnout.

Students may feel like things are going well enough in SGA that it is not necessary to vote for change, he said.

SGA Associate Justice Dana Lockhart was also disappointed.

“As long as we elect the head of the student government like we elect our homecoming queens, students should not expect any significant change in their student government,” Lockhart said.

But all of the new elected officers were pleased with the students that did participate.

“Thank you for coming out and voting, and I hope your new officer team will represent you to the best of our abilities,” Dawson said.

Next year’s senate positions were also elected.

All 14 candidates were elected. Abby Lovan, a junior from Jeffersonville, Ind., had the most votes with 555.

Herald reporters Adriane Hardin and Marlene Brueggemann contributed to this story.

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