Stepping stones approved

Ashlee Clark

The Student Government Association has stepped up in an effort to improve the appearance of the Hill.

SGA unanimously approved legislation Tuesday night allocating $200 for the purchase of stepping stones that would be placed near Mass Media and Technology Hall, Tate Page Hall and Southwest Hall.

The legislation, written by Monticello junior Shawn Peavie and Louisville junior Sarah Cecil, said the stepping stones would solve the problem of students walking in “bad terrain” and improve the landscaping.

“I personally don’t want to walk through a muddy path to class,” Cecil said.

Peavie said putting in sidewalks was also discussed, but they would be too expensive and may have to be taken up in the future as the landscaping changes.

Some of the areas around Media Hall and Tate Page are bare of grass because students have made paths, the legislation stated.

Those paths have become dirt and mud, the legislation stated.

Peavie said several students came to him about the paths.

He said the legislation was written after he talked to Facilities Management personnel, who told him this was an issue the department was also discussing.

SGA President John Bradley said the money for the stepping stones will come from SGA’s campus improvements account.

Peavie said Facilities Management personnel will decide when to put the stepping stones down.

In other business

Radcliff sophomore Katie Dawson and Florence sophomore Tim Howard, co-chairs of the student affairs committee, discussed the results of an Internet service fee survey that was given to 400 dorm residents.

Only 89 students responded.

Legislation has not been written on the issue because there was not enough information from the survey, Dawson said.

In a straw poll, three SGA members supported the increased Internet fee, 11 were against and 11 abstained.

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