Two students running for SGA president

Ashlee Clark

Campaign posters and flyers are about to be scattered across the Hill in the coming weeks.

The president, executive vice president and vice president of administration positions will all be contested in this year’s Student Government Association elections.

Eight students applied to run for the legislative branch.

The candidates have less than two weeks to campaign for office. Students will be able to vote online through TopNet on March 16 and March 17.

Henderson junior Nick Todd and Bulan junior Jessica Martin will be running for SGA president.

Todd is vice president for finance. Martin is vice president for administration.

Executive vice president candidates are SGA members Katie Dawson and Anna Bisig. SGA members Evelina Petkova and Josh Collins are up for vice president of administration.

The names of candidates for the legislative branch won’t be released until Friday, Martin said.

There are questions regarding the eligibility of some of the potential candidates, she said.

There are 28 seats up for election this semester, provided a new constitution is passed in a student referendum on March 9.

“I’m kind of sad that there wasn’t that many people running for the positions, but I think there is potential to change,” Collins said.

Martin said the low turnout for legislative seats is not surprising because it is a new system and students may not know if they can fit SGA into their schedules next year.

“We would like more to run for senate,” she said. “We need good quality people that are willing to work hard and let the student voice be heard.”

Students will have to be elected to the legislative branch if the new constitution is passed by student referendum on March 9.

The vice presidents of finance and public relations would also be eliminated in the new constitution.

Some SGA members feel positive about the three contested elections.

“I think it’s always good to have a contested race,” Todd said. “It forces us to get out and talk to the student body.”

Two of five executive offices were contested in last year’s election.

SGA Chief Justice Troy Ransdell said he hopes for contested races.

“Uncontested elections are never good, they go against the spirit of elections,” he said.

Contested elections also provide an opportunity to publicize student government, SGA President John Bradley said.

“It’s the only opportunity that a lot of students take to listen to their SGA officers or future SGA officers,” he said.

Martin said she is looking forward to the future of SGA.

“This is an organization I care a lot about and I just want to see it succeed no matter who’s selected,” she said.

Todd said he believes that two weeks will be enough time to campaign for office.

“There is only so much talking and so much campaigning you can do,” he said.

Ransdell said the dates to run for office were chosen so the election wouldn’t interfere with campus activities and spring break.

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