Jake Schmitz letter of 9-16-03

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On September 16, Jake Schmitz wrote a letter critical of me and the Center for Cave and Karst Studies. I told Jake at his employment as a temporary, part-time field assistant that it did not matter if he was against the Transpark. His statement to the contrary was a lie. Three professionals and 14 students work for the CCKS who can vouch for the fact that I have always told them that they could oppose the Transpark. Before accepting the grant, I said that if the research indicated a significant chance that groundwater flowed from the site into Mammoth Cave National Park, that I would also oppose the location. I believe that in every respect, I have set a good example of performing objective scientific research on this controversial subject.

The research has been reviewed by most of the top karst hydrogeologists in the world, and they agree that rain resulting in groundwater flow from the site into MCNP is unimaginable. Groundwater from the site flows into the Barren River at Bowling Green. The site and its geology is virtually identical to that upon which most of Bowling Green, including its existing airport, is built. If an airport is ever built at the site, an Environmental Impact Statement will have to be performed. That is when geophysical techniques and wells will be drilled at the site. I regret that Jake has resorted to character assassination in his opposition to the Transpark instead of making rebuttal statements based on scientific evidence.

Nick Crawford, Ph.D., P.G.


Center for Cave and Karst Studies

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