Greek Village

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I have some serious reservations about the proposed funding of the Greek Village here at Western.

The Greek Village is a good idea. Consolidating fraternity and sorority houses into a central would be good for the community, University and Greek system. That is clear.

However, it is the intention (right now) of the administration to pass the development fees associated with the land acquisition and preparation on to the whole student body. This will cost millions of dollars. It is just not fair.

Over 82% of our student body does not participate in the Greek system. Why should they have to pay for fraternities and sororities to obtain new houses? Shouldn’t it be the financial responsibility of the individual Greek organizations?

There will be discussion of this issue on Tuesday, August 26th at 5:00 PM in room 305 of DUC during the SGA congress meeting. Discussion will be during “Special Orders” and I hope that people, both for and against the proposed funding, will be in attendance.

John Bradley

SGA President

Paducah, KY