Greek Waste

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For Western to fund in any way the building of a Greek Village is insulting to the general student population. I am very proud of Mr. Bradley for standing up against it. As Mr. Bradley said, over 82% of students do not participate in Greek activities. So 15,000 + students are going to contribute to something they will never use or be a part of. In other letters to the editor referances to the Preston Ctr. and athletics are mentioned. We are all welcome to use those facilities and anyone can go to a game. Go to a Greek house and ask to cook supper in their kitchen or sit and watch TV in their common room.

I am 40 years old and back in school. I am here to get an education. Western was built to educate. If your social life is first – go home and get out of the way. What you do when you walk out the door at Cherry Hall is not my business. But don’t ask me to pay for it.

As the number of non traditional students grow, we want to know where is our portion of the collective good? As Mr. Ransdell said he wants good housing for those students. Is he going to pay for me to re-model my house? I am a student and I deserve monies to improve my housing as much as anyone. I will not hold my breath waiting for that check. Also please don’t throw us a bone of a few more parking spots. Take that Greek village money and build a parking structure.

How many classrooms will be in that Greek Village? How many parking spaces for the general student population? As an older student with a family what good will it do me or the increasing number of others like me?

When there is enough housing on-campus for all who need it, when the parking to student/teacher is better,and tuition rates stabilize(don’t hold your breathe on that one either) then and only then should this even be discussed.