Haven home for hopeless fanatics

Michael Casagrande

Are you a hopeless Hilltopper die-hard looking for a place to fit in? Do you crave a forum to vent all of your “one and done” aggression? Look no further than the message board at the world wide web’s best – Hilltopperhaven.com.

Web site message boards have become the 21st century’s answer to radio call-in shows. Renegade fans hide behind the anonymity of clever Net handles to spit venom in the direction of the teams they adore.

This is the First Amendment at its finest.

But this modem mafia takes the old fashioned call-in show a step further. In the privacy of their parent’s basement, Havenites report on every hot story to come out of the Western Athletic Department.

The ongoing Dennis Felton/University of Georgia saga has resulted in an influx of postings with breaking news and links to reputable sports Web sites.

With the possibility of Felton’s departure increasing by the minute, posters have begun the inevitable backlash against the coach.

Final4Tops’s post entitled, “Adios Felton, Don’t let the door hit you in the …,” shows little love to the coach that rebuilt the basketball program.

C’mon guys. Felton has built the basketball program into one of the most respected mid-majors this side of Creighton. There is no need for such negativity.

The Ironic Post of the Day from yesterday must go to “deecee.” The Haven newcomer, with only 149 posts, actually accused Georgia fans of being fickle.

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Some Haven junkies have the nerve to bash local news outlets like the Bowling Green Daily News. In a post hitting the web yesterday, JeffWKU refers to the Daily News as the “Daily Snooze.”

I was shocked and appalled when a faction of Havenites ganged up on fun-loving Randall Parmley of our hometown news channel WBKO.

I agree, WBKO’s coverage of the Dennis Felton story was lacking (no mention of the unfolding story during their 5 p.m. newscast Tuesday), but leave Parmley alone!

If you grow tired from reading ramblings and rumors on the message board, Hilltopper Haven provides many other features to whet the appetite of any red-blooded Hilltopper fanatic. Visitors can access video highlights of the glory days when the Toppers managed to escape the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

But it is the message board that provides the most entertainment and humor.

User “wku young guns” took advantage of his contemporaries with his elaborate April Fool’s hoax. Post number 1081 for “young guns” was a fabricated news story about Felton accepting the head coaching position at the University of Georgia. The convincing story, written in AP format, complete with a quote, had nobody fooled.

Sounds like somebody needs a hobby.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my two cents. It shouldn’t be long before my name lands on the Haven hit list. Go ahead boys, take your best shot!

Michael Casagrande is a freshman print journalism major from Louisville.

The opinions expressed in this commentary represent only those of the writer, and not the Herald or Western Kentucky University.