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I am appalled, disgusted,(and a number of other angry adjectives), concerning your hurtful potrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s fitting that some white kid with access to a public forum like the Herald would use his voice to try and decimate the character of one of the few positive African American role models we have. It must have been so easy for him to look up Dr. King on a few hate websites and regurgitate some tired facts to his readers. I appreciate the way he thinks the whole world is stupid and he is somehow in the know by implying that King and his cronies somehow duped us into thinking he’s some kind of faultless god. The love and respect we have for him is in the message presented by the man, and it far outweighs any indiscrepancies you can manage to vomit out in your obvious attempt to discredit him because he’s black and he’s ours. No, I take that back. I don’t know what the reason behind your 7th grade level article is and I don’t care. My question is why chose black history month to suddenly come into the know? And why not present a more positive message about an African American since that is what the month calls for, not poorly disguised bigotry.