Response To: Remembering The Vision

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Finally snow had fallen to cover the colored chalk showcasing an unwanted war, but the message still lies beneath. I question whether the anti-war protesters understand what would happen if America made a weak impression in face of a country like Iraq. In order for America to survive we must have strong forces or at least the presence of one. In a letter to the reviewer, Jane Olmstead, Director of Women’s Studies, expressed her feelings about the march that took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She was asked to move to the end of the parade by an African American woman who obviously upset her. Olmstead went on to explain that she should be allowed to march because King was an anti-war advocate. Although this is true, King was not opposed to a country defending itself, but to the war in Vietnam. King opposed the Vietnam War because it was a civil war that would not be resolved through our interference. I personally am ashamed of Olmstead and the other protesters that crashed the parade without any regard for those there in King’s memory. Our possible war with Iraq is entirely different from Vietnam and we should not get the two confused.

Tonya Shur, ARNG


Bowling Green

WKU Sophmore