Recap of this fall’s movies

Devinn Winkleman

The semester is coming to its end, and throughout the last few months we’ve laughed at the comical stylings of Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley in “Serving Sara,” we’ve drunk in the adrenaline-pumping excitement of “Die Another Day” and we’ve cried — at least I did — at the sick and twisted pranks from “Jackass.” So here is a recap to celebrate the joyous break from college life. Happy Holidays!

Die Another Day (A) — Pierce Brosnan stars again as James Bond in the 20th film in the series. The movie has a great plot and characters that make it true to the Bond series, and the action in the film makes it one of the best. Don’t miss it.

Half Past Dead (F) — Take all of the standard action movie clich?s, run them through a blender, and you’ve got Half Past Dead. An overweight Steven Seagal and Ja Rule do prison time in New Alcatraz while busting up the buddies who are after a death row inmate’s secret. Lots of fighting, but little plot happens. This is a movie you can miss.

Jackass: The movie (F) — When Johnny Knoxville and his nitwits infected the big screen with their sick and deranged stunts, they produced more belly flops and cringing than enjoyment. Avoid this movie at all costs.

Serving Sara (B) — A comedy full of hearty laughs, witty characters and a delightful plot, and Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley make for great chemistry. They spin the film into an almost sketch-comedy spontaneity. The only problem is that Perry acts too much like Chandler Bing, his character on Friends, to give any sense of originality. Decent enough, anyway.

Solaris (C) — A movie that can and will milk a plot device dry. This is a one-note wonder. The characters don’t get a chance to develop so the movie goes nowhere. And the attempt to be artsy also fails. A lot of hype for a movie with little substance. No big deal if you don’t see it.

Stealing Harvard (C+) — The first movies where Tom Green is actually funny. His dialogue is creative and his acting is above par. Unfortunately, Jason Lee ruins the film portraying an embarrassing dolt with embarrassingly bad acting. If there was no Lee in the film, it would have received a higher grade. Matinee price, only.

The Ring (A) — One of the most imaginative movies of 2002, The Ring is a moody story with great characters, bolstering a bone-chilling script with terrific special effects. This is one of the best psychological thrillers of the season. Go see it!

The Transporter (C-) — A mediocre movie featuring a man who always goes by the rules — his rules. He loves his credo, but it doesn’t love him back, when the transporter transgresses. The standard, yet mediocre fight scenes stud the film. A plotless and boring blunder. Yawn.

The Tuxedo (D+) — Jackie Chan stars as an inept character who finds a tuxedo hidden in his employer’s closet. He slips it on and discovers it is a technological wonder which helps him do the impossible. Eventually, he becomes totally helpless without it. An unbelievable plot with an actor who just lost his credibility as a martial arts fighter. Jackie, why did you do it?