Domino’s, Big Red strike a deal

Beth Sewell

Domino’s Pizza is now Big Red Card friendly.

The company beat out Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Doughboys to be the exclusive pizza delivery service accepting Big Red dollars and dining dollars from Western students.

Auxiliary Services director Rob Chrisler said Dominos was chosen because it offered the best monetary return to Dining Services. Domino’s also agreed to several requirements, including carrying additional insurance policies, driving marked vehicles and having workers use their own ID cards when entering dorms.

“It was very important to us for our restrictions to be met,” Chrisler said. “And Domino’s has other programs on campuses like Clemson and the University of Alabama, so they knew what things to put on the table.”

Chad Day, marketing director for Seagle Pizza Inc., a company which oversees a number of Dominos franchise stores, said he expects business to boom once the delivery system is up and running.

“We’ve looked at other schools like Alabama that have done things like this, and they’ve seen an increase,” Day said.

Day said starting Dec. 2, Domino’s Pizza will accept payment from the 3,900 students holding Big Red dollars and the 1,500 students with dining dollars. Domino’s will not accept Meal Plans.

Students living off campus can use the service.

Chrisler said the system allows students to call Domino’s and give their student ID number (commonly their social security number), thereby allowing Domino’s to pull up their dining account. Upon delivery, the student will show their Big Red card and sign a receipt.

Domino’s will periodically turn in the receipts so the ID center can cross-reference signatures to insure safety.

Day said although students might be hesitant to give their ID number out, they shouldn’t be concerned.

“It hasn’t been an issue at any of the other schools we’ve looked at,” Day said. “And there are enough security measures in place to protect students.”

Bowling Green junior Matthew Pava said he plans on using the new system with his Big Red dollars, although ordering Dominos will be a new experience.

“I’ve never really had Domino’s,” Pava said. “I would’ve thought Papa John’s would have won, but it’s not really that big of a deal to me.”

According to a dining services survey, Papa John’s was the favorite among students. But Chrisler said the corporation didn’t have any experience in exclusive contracts, and didn’t make as attractive an offer to Western during negotiations.

Chrisler also noted that although Pizza Hut wasn’t offered this particular contract, they did sign a contract with Western’s athletics department to sell pizza exclusively in Diddle Arena.