Web site promotes, debuts local bands

Devinn Winkleman

Independent bands trying to gain the public’s notice might get their chance through liveandlocal.org, a Web site designed by Scottsville sophomore Jeff Felchner.

The site promotes independent bands like “floord,” “Dry Land Fish,” “Gear” and “Sixth Floor.”

At Liveandlocal.org, new talent can register their band, and viewers can check out new bands and their performance schedules.

The site originally contained seven pages, a message board and 12 songs, but after five revisions and two years of work, liveandlocal.org is more functional. It has a bigger list of bands, more venues, more media and 3,000 hits a day without the added incentive of advertising. The site has almost a dozen links focused on advertising, music, media, contact information and more.

Live and Local started as a Friday night radio show on what was formally called 107.1 The Gator. After the show left the radio station, Felchner kept the “Live and Local” companion Web site. He said a service like the site is something people need.

Felchner got the word out about the Web site through other radio stations such as WKYU 91.7, Western’s radio station, and WDNS 93.3.

With all of this time spent promoting the Web site, Felchner had to find a way of making it grow financially.

He has gotten money for liveandlocal.org through a few area businesses including Kentucky Music.

“I am (also) attempting to work with the marketing students at the Gordon Ford College of Business in order to get additional financial backing,” Felchner said.

Along with his Web site and school work, Felchner owns a web-based business named Infinity’s Edge, hosts the radio show “The Sound Source” on 103.7 The Point and manages “floord.”

Felchner said he’s able to wear all of those hats because of time management. People trying to juggle a lot have to be able to prioritize and keep a good schedule, he said.

Franklin freshmen Tommy Wood said he could see the Web site benefiting the bands and students, even though he has never visited it.

“It will get the word out on these bands, and hopefully it can be a stepping stone for them,” he said.

Elizabethtown sophomore Misty Gilmore said she liked the idea of the Web site and that it could even benefit her friends.

“I have friends that are a part of Indie bands trying to get exposed, so having a Web site that promotes them is a really good idea,” she said.

You can access the site at http://www.liveandlocal.org.

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