What about H.Y.P.E?

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In thursday’s edition of the Herald there was an article titled “Many Paths to God”. The article was good and encouraged people to be aware of diversity, but there are other organizations on campus that I feel could have been recognized. First of all, there is another Christian ministry on campus known as H.Y.P.E Ministries (Helping Young People Endure). We meet on Thursdays at 6pm. There are also two extentions of this ministry, a women’s group–Women of Virtue that meets on Tuesdays, and a men’s group that meets on Wednesdays. Also, there is the Baptist Student Union that is active on campus, and several other religious organizations that meet. I know the Herald may not have been able to do a whole article describing in detail each organization, but you could have at least mentioned each group that is on campus. Maybe someone is looking to find that spiritual place where they belong. If the Herald could just mention all of the options that are available, someone could make the greatest decision of their life.

Mandi Wansley


Nashville Freshman