Film falls flat on its face

Devinn Winkleman

A friend once told me that you can find good in anything, but after watching “Jackass: The Movie,” I find that statement hard to believe.

Seeing this movie can only be described as the most torturous and agonizing thing, not movie, I have ever witnessed. This movie is so bad that only the hard core fans of the television show will like it. For everyone else – stay away.

The movie is basically an unedited and extended version of the television show with various illegal and immoral stunts that host Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass crew perform.

These “delightful” stunts include the “Rent-A-Car Crash Up Derby” where Knoxville rents a car from a dealer, uses it in a derby and sends the totaled car back to the dealer. He then tells the dealer that they have to pay half of the damages.

“The Muscle Stimulator” is where the Jackass crew places electrodes on all parts of their body and electrifies themselves.

The “Riot Control Test” is where a member of the Jackass crew has a beanbag cartridge fired out of a shotgun and onto his stomach. This is the equivalent to being punched by a heavyweight boxer, from what I’ve heard.

In the “Off-Road Tattoo” segment one of the Jackass crew members gets a tattoo while riding in an off-road vehicle on a bumpy road.

A Jackass crew member administers paper cuts to others in the group in the webbing of their toes, hands and even across their lips in the “Paper Cuts” scene.

Finally, “Wasabi Snooters” is a scene where a little soy sauce and lots of wasabi gets snorted up the nose and lots of vomiting is induced.

There are more stunts that I cannot mention in this review due to the amount of graphic material featured.

The movie has no limits of how ridiculously stupid it can get. It goes way beyond the television show and is pure disgusting and amateur material. You’ll see a lot of the Jackass crew naked; you’ll see every type of bodily fluid in this movie and a lot of people getting aggravated, real fast. One person even swung a few golf balls at the crew.

But what stunned me was that the audience was laughing at these people hurting themselves and hurting the others in the film.

What’s funny about seeing the people in this movie get hurt? I’d like to know.

To sum this film up in a few words, it’s the most awful, pathetic, irresponsible and immoral excuse for a movie that I’ve ever seen. I’m just praying that MTV Films doesn’t produce a sequel.

Grade: F

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