Students with Children

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Ater reading the recent article in the Herald about the Student mother, I became insprired to say a few things on behalf of student mothers and fathers everywhere.

We mothers and fathers are accomplishing an amazing feat in continuing our education. We defy the odds every day, and yet rarely receive any recognition. Yeah, I may be late to class many mornings…but did it ever occur to anyone what it took me to get there at all? Most mornings I struggle to get out of bed after staying up half the night doing laundry for a two- year- old that’s potty-training. Then, I wake up my daughter who is just as tired as I am, dress her, feed her, and redress her after a potty accident…all the time watching the clock. I hurry and throw on what ever looks clean, and then begin to search for books and pens that have been scattered all over the house by little hands. When I finally make it out the door with two backpacks, jackets, and a blanket my daughter can’t live without, I drive an hour to Bowling Green from White House Tennessee, drop her off at day care crying for her “mommy”, and quickly drive to campus to find a parking space and walk the 20 miles to class. I am not alone.

Make no mistake, I’m not complaining. I love my daughter more than life, and would gladly give her the world. I chose this path in life, and I take responsibility for my choices. In reality everyone should follow the “go to collge, stay single, get a job, develop a career, marry when your 30, and have kids two years later” plan…but we all don’t. However, I feel that I am becoming more prepared for the world by pushing myself everyday to fulfill the many roles I’ve created for myself. I will graduate in May, one year late, but I will graduate. I know that because I continued my education my daughter will have a better life. There will be a car when she’s 16, a prom dress, class rings, senior pictures, and college. That keeps me going; I do this not only for me but for my child.

So, to all the student parents out there, don’t give up. You are doing something that most of your classmates are not, and you deserve to be recognized. Hang in there, and when you hear your name called that fateful day, smile, and know that you have not only earned a degree but you’ve defeated obstacles that most would run from. More importantly you have set an admirable example for your children; children who will become the next generation.

Bethany Davis

Senior Broadcasting Major

White House, Tennessee