Good Job on SGA editorial

[email protected]

I think you were absolutely right in your article about SGA needing to know where its budget is going and why. However, you do have, as usual, one odd/interesting/dumb comment. You state it is foolish for SGA to buy a computer that most students will never use. However, you don’t exhibit the same gusto when writing about Diddle, the new indoor batting facility, the new indoor workout facilities behind Diddle, or other various athletic programs open to a minority of students. Why is that? Further, how many of us will get to use your computer?

If you had just stuck with the reasoning that any publicly funded organization that can’t tell you where the money is going doesn’t deserve your money, you would have made much more sense and been more consistent in your editorial stance. As it is, I think you are being hypocritical. SGA is just as deserving of a good information tool as you, and more so than the athletic department.


Bob Bell

376 Pascoe Blvd #25

Bowling Green, Ky 42104

WKU Computer Science major