SGA, campus radio station at odds over use of funds

Cassie Riley

The Student Government Association is investigating the use of funds it donated last semester to 91.7 WWHR for station improvements.

SGA passed legislation last semester to allocate $3,500 of its budget to the campus radio station. In turn, the radio station was to provide a news program that SGA could use to reach students, said Dana Lockhart, a member of the SGA Judicial Council.

“They came to SGA seeking support,” Lockhart said.

The campus radio station bought new equipment and refurbished parts of the station over the summer using the $3,500 from SGA.

But SGA has yet to receive a news show.

WWHR station manager Dan Gaddie said SGA was never promised its own weekly news show, but he said if the organization had relevant news or announcements, representatives are welcome to come to the station and speak during the evening news program.

“We said we were going to expand our news program and we have,”Gaddie said.

Since last year, WWHR has allocated half-hour time slots to news-based information programs four nights a week. Gaddie said SGA has taken advantage of the programs already this semester.

“I think that (SGA President) Jamie Sears has been down here already during the program,” he said.

Sears confirmed that she went to the station to do a 15-minute interview on the air about the Topper Transit system.

Lockhart said he will be looking for possible solutions to the situation.

“I plan on working with the (SGA) Executive Cabinet and a few other people and starting to negotiate with the radio station,” Lockhart said.

Gaddie said he has yet to hear from any SGA representatives about the matter.

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