Heavily Biased Klan Coverage

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I must say I was not surprised as to the slanted coverage of the “Klan Draws Few Supporters” article in the September 5th issue of the College Herald. To the best of my understanding ,the job of a reporter is to accurately and impartially report the occurences of the story in question, and leave one’s own predjudices, bias, and antipathies at home. They should not be reflected in a news story, such things are for the editorial page as is this letter I am writing. The story in question seemed to be little more than politically correct propaganda as was best demonstrated by the seemingly staged photo on the front page. The story rarely quotes any of the Klansmen, and in the few instances that the Klansmen were allowed a voice in the story it was relegated to inane quotes like “It gets kind of hot in these robes.” and “White Power”. Mr Shinall, you went out of your way to get the “anti-Klan” people’s thoughts feelings,and motivations, best exemplified by your little showpiece, Laquetta Shepard. Why was the same not done for those supporting the Klan? I saw no true investigative work in this story, just the usual “diversity-tolerance” smile-on-your-brother cliches. Obviously the Herald had no real interest in impartial reporting,and,as is unfortunately the case with nearly all media outlets, only sought to sacrifice at the altar of political correctness.

As an afterthought Mr Shinall, at least get your history straight;the SS were not “Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers”. That particular apellation belonged to the Sturm Abeitlung or “SA”. The SS were the Schutzstaffel or “gaurd echelon.”

I myself have no connection with that particular Klan faction, or any for that matter, but I AM tired of being the most discriminated against creature in contemporary America: a straight White male! As the Klansmen said at their rally: “White men stand up and be counted!!”

Although I do not expect it will happen, I challenge the Herald, in the true spirit of “democracy” to print my little spill unaltered. You have more than adequately presented one side of the issue, so why not the other?


“Siegfried”, WKU student