Patriotic movies reviewed

Devinn Winkleman

Tomorrow is Sept. 11. The day the World Trade Center was leveled and America found a new unity.

In remembrance of Sept. 11, I’m throwing out the usual movie reviews and throwing in some classics that tell the stories of the wars for freedom, justice and unity.

The General’s Daughter

Grade: B+

The story can only be described as a maze. It’s a bit complicated, has a tendency to twist and turn, and at the end, you look back and are glad that you have had the experience.

John Travolta tries to figure out who killed the general’s daughter and this is virtually the plot. There are several sub plots along the way that help the main plot expand and unfold, but they don’t try to fork into another story.

Despite the slow start of the movie, and the occasional fake accent thrown around, the beauty lies in the plot. It’s fantastic and will keep you guessing.

Men of Honor

Grade: B

It’s hard to believe that Robert De Niro would portray anything that has to do with the military when he is best known for his tough, mob-like attitude.

He does some great acting, but his lines are more comedic than realistic.

Cuba Gooding Jr. also stars in the movie as a lowly cook trying to make his way into the Navy’s Diving School, but segregation is still a part of life. He also does a good job of acting, but like De Niro’s character, it’s not believable.

Overall, the movie is a bit too long, since after Gooding gets out of dive school the movie just adds in filler to stretch it to two hours, but the plot is enjoyable, and De Niro shows a bit of his comedic side. It’s a definite renter.

The Patriot

Grade: B+

Yes, war can be a bit bloody. Especially when you’re fighting against King George for the rights to freedom and a future country called America. Mel Gibson stars in this movie where bloodshed is everything.

It is very well made, and the acting is superbly done, but the violence in the movie is a little over done.

The movie mixes comedy with the bloodiness of war giving it a refreshing feeling.

The plot is thoroughly enjoyable, the characters are likable, and did I mention that Jason Isaacs really has the knack for playing the villain?

Rules of Engagement

Grade: A

A powerful story about what happens when the Marines try to do something right, but end up doing something so wrong that Samuel L. Jackson’s character gets accused of slaughtering the innocent and breaking the rules of engagement.

The movie has created what it’s like behind the battlefield more realistically than “The Patriot,” and the plot will really grab a hold of you until the final second.

Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones give an award winning performance, and the well written dialogue only proves that point. The chemistry between Jones and Jackson is so great that it makes their friendship seem so convincing on the camera that, you’ll almost think that they’ve been friends for life.

It’s a safe bet to say that this movie should be in your personal movie collection. You’ll want to watch it over and over again.