Harassing Phone Calls, how many do i have to get?

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Dear Editor-

What do u enjoy doing at 5:30 in the morning? I kind of like to sleep, as much as the next college kid. When your phone rings that early, what do you think? Maybe it’s your significant other, just calling to say I love you. Maybe it’s your parents, calling to say, “We just got your letter, and you had alcohol in your room?” And maybe, just maybe, if you are not expecting to get a phone call as I was, it has to be a harassing phone call. And that phone call, certainly was harassing. Not one, two, or three times, but 8 times. I got two obscene phone calls at 5:30 in the morning, and three hang-ups after those two phone calls. Ok, so I’m scared, like anyone would be. So I call the WKU police, and they wanted to send an officer over. Ok, 5:30 in the morning, cop or not, I’m scared and I don’t want anyone in my room! But then this person calls again, three more times at 9:30 in the morning. I call the WKU police again, and an officer comes over. He is going to fill out a report. Then he asks me the question, I have thought over and over why he would be asking such a question. He says, “Is this the first day he has been calling you?” I couldn’t believe it. Did he actually need more than one day of 8 harassing phone calls to trace this person? Then he hands me a “Harassing Phone call log” and I look inside, and for the police to actually come to your room and trace your phone, you have to receive 15-20 phone calls. That is ridiculous! Isn’t it enough I had to receive one phone call? Isn’t it enough that I was scared, and I had to go through this? Obviously not for the WKU police. I know, there are 14,000 plus college students on this campus, and the WKU police have to take care of all of them, but if they made a difference in just one persons life, and intervened these phone calls it could help others that will be victim to the phone call bandit! I’m just writing this letter to make people aware, the WKU police do take care of us, but to what extent? Can harassing phone calls be stopped, if the police won’t stop them? The answer is NO.

Sincerely, Junior in Jeopardy