Student Alumni Ambassadors welcome 14 new members to the organization


All 14 of the new student ambassadors holding their red towels next to the Big Red statute across from the Augenstein Alumni Center.

Debra Murray, News Reporter

WKU Student Alumni Ambassadors announced they have welcomed 14 new student ambassadors. The Student Alumni Ambassadors is the official student organization of the WKU Alumni Association. 

The student organization allows students to become more involved with the university, and develop relationships with alumni. 

Allie Sharp is the Alumni Association’s Coordinator of Student & Young Alumni Engagement and Student Alumni Ambassador Advisor. The organization accepts students of any major, but their involvement at WKU is what sets them apart.

“For this organization, we look for well-rounded students,” Sharp said in a press release by WKU. “The students are assessed by their involvement on campus, academics, and their passion for WKU. Our mission as an organization is to strive to promote WKU and communicate the importance of engagement to all students, donors, and alumni.”

By becoming involved in events, student ambassadors are able to use the connections with alumni to find career-related opportunities.

“It was a volunteer opportunity but they were able to be paired with the mentor within either the international Alumni Board or the Young Alumni Council,” Sharp said. “That event is a great example of a way that we have made connections and many of our students are still chatting with these alumni and going out to lunch and texting and catching up via email.”

Sharp said the biggest goal of the organization is for students to develop networking skills that may benefit them later.

“I think the biggest takeaway for them it’s just knowing that the Alumni Association is here to help,” Sharp said. “We’ve done the best that we can to try and make sure that they are still forming those relationships and moving forward we hope to do even more with this organization we want them to be able to reach out to their networks and feel confident”

With the 14 new ambassadors, the total number of students involved in the organization for Fall 2021 is 32.

To be considered, students must have a 2.8 G.P.A or higher, complete 15 event hours per semester, 4 office hours monthly at the Augenstein Alumni Center, and enrolled at WKU full-time.

“We had many qualified applicants this year, which makes the selection process incredibly competitive,” Sharp said in the press release. “I think each of them will bring something exceptional to the team to help grow and progress the organization as a whole.”

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