Bike lanes to be added on Kentucky, Adams Street


Debra Murray

The process for road paving has begun on Kentucky Street next to Kentucky Street Apartments.

Debra Murray, Digital News Editor

Starting today, the Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation (KYTC) will be repaving and restriping University Boulevard, Kentucky Street and Adams Street to add bike lanes, lane designations and new turn lanes.

The process will take about a week, but possibly more due to rain throughout the week, said Wes Watt, public information officer of district 3 of KYTC. 

Kentucky Street will become a one lane road and will be striped with one 11.5-foot wide travel lane, six foot wide bicycle lane and 10-foot wide parking area along most of the corridor, according to the press release by KYTC. 

With safety being the largest priority, parking on Kentucky Street will be more clearly marked and wider so it will be safer when parking or pulling out, said Watt. The bicycle lanes will give cyclists a designated and safe area to ride in. 

“We are using the current road footprint using the ‘road diet’ method to re-stripe the area to create the bike lane, one travel lane and the marked parking areas on Kentucky Street,” Watt said. “We are not having to widen the road or buy any property.” 

Adams Street will be striped with two 10.5-foot wide travel lanes and a five foot wide bicycle lane. No parking will be allowed on Adams Street when the new striping is complete, according to the press release by KYTC. 

“This will allow for the bicycle lane and solve the issues with people pulling in and out of the parking areas,” Watt said. “The bicycle lane will give cyclists a safe area to ride in that is very similar to the rest of the downtown area.” 

University Boulevard will not be facing any major changes and will have no bike lanes, but will be resurfaced, Watt said.

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