‘Welcome Back Bash’ reconnects PCAL faculty with students


Georgia Mallett

Students line up at PopWorks ice cream truck for popsicles at the PCAL Welcome Back Bash on Monday, Aug. 23.

DJ Stover and Jake Jones

Potter College of Arts and Letters held a “Welcome Back Bash” on Monday, Aug. 23, to introduce Potter College departments and professors to incoming students.

Members of all Potter College departments presented information about their programs, majors, minors and various student organizations that represent the college. 

“I love being a part of Potter College,” Eliza Johnson, senior, said. “It feels like one big happy family.”

Tables included Potter College departments such as history, music and anthropology.

“It sounds like a fun time,” Tessa Whittaker, freshman, said. “Everyone seems really close.”

Head of the Anthropology Department, Darlene Applegate, talks to students about the department at the PCAL Welcome Back bash at Cherry Hall on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021. (Georgia Mallett)

Students also enjoyed free popsicles from PopWorks’ food truck, a local popsicle shop.

“I love the popsicles and music,” Hannah Greger, freshman journalism major, said. “It’s a very welcoming atmosphere here.”

Professors were excited to return to lecture halls and classrooms after a year of Zoom calls and virtual assignments. 

“It’s wonderful to be out here to meet some of our majors we couldn’t meet in person last year,” Audra Jennings, head of the Office of Scholar Development, said.

Jennings noted the pandemic greatly altered classroom behaviors, student development and growth.

“The pandemic was a learning experience for all of us. It all taught us lessons about flexibility, even the instructors,” Jennings said.

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