Newly elected SGA members share goals for the semester


Madison Carter, News reporter

The WKU Student Government Association recently elected 11 members. The newly elected senators, judicial council members and director of enrollment and student experience share their experiences getting elected and their goals for SGA this semester. 

Trib Singh, Director of Enrollment and Student Experience

Trib Singh is a double major in finance and business data analytics. 

Singh said he previously served in SGA as a sophomore senator and was involved with the Organization Aid Committee. Singh said he has also been involved with different organizations on campus such as the Student United Way and the Interfraternity Council. 

Singh said he was honored to be nominated for SGA. Singh said he felt that this university has given so much to him, and he thought it was time to give back. 

“I want to make sure that the students know I will do everything in my power to make sure the student voices are heard,” Singh said. “My main priority is to get the scholarships program back up and help the students succeed in school. I am really looking forward to working with the Executive council and coming up with ideas to help the retention rate at the university.”

Senator Troy D. Davis

Troy D. Davis said this isn’t his first time being in SGA as he previously served as a senator. Davis said he was nominated by SGA Student Body President Matthew Wininger for his position as director of academic and student affairs.

Outside of SGA, Davis is the vice president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. as well as a peer coordinator for ISEC Academy.

“I feel exuberated that I have a chance with the organization to make changes that I see would benefit this campus as a whole,” Davis said. “I look forward to growing the connection between SGA and the organizations on campus.”

Davis said one of his goals for SGA this year is to look into the personality and expression of campus. Davis said he sees WKU as a campus with many types of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations and opinions. Davis said he wants to use his position in SGA to give more voice to those diverse groups. 

Senator Preston Romanov

Preston Romanov is a sophomore majoring in photojournalism. Along with SGA, Romanov is active in Mock Trial.

SGA President Matthew Wininger nominated him for the position. Romanov said he was very interested in the concept of SGA which encouraged him to follow through with it. 

Romanov said he would be interested in considering bills that deal with mental health and that he would like to find ways to inform students on the services that WKU offers them.

“As senators, our job is to represent the students’ needs,” Romanov said. “We’re here to hear from them and work to make WKU a better place for everyone.”

Romanov said that he is also bringing diversity to SGA as he is a first generation American and the first generation in his family to go to college.

Senator Jacob Skillman

Jacob Skillman is a junior majoring in business economics at WKU. Skillman is also a Gordon Ford College of Business ambassador, a peer tutor at GFCB and a member of the Center for Capitalism Book Club. 

Skillman said he was interested in joining SGA because Matthew Wininger had been encouraging him and he saw it as an opportunity to gain experience.

“I had a coach tell me in the past that you need to follow goal oriented people, and as I was kind of looking around this campus I saw the impact SGA had,” Skillman said. “What I really want to get out of it is to see what is really going on in my community and make those connections with those in this organization that have the ability to make things happen.”

Skillman said he wants to make an impact in SGA by leveraging the skill sets that he already has. He was selected for the Student Enrollment and Experience Committee which was something he wanted to be involved in. 

Senator Zach Skillman

Zach Skillman is a junior majoring in business economics. Outside of SGA, Skillman is also a Gordon Ford College of Business Ambassador, a member of the Center for Capitalism Book Club, and a soon to be Peer Tutor for the GFCB. 

“I was absolutely pumped to hear about my SGA nomination,” Skillman said. “I had been talking with Matthew Wininger since last semester about running for an SGA Senator-at-Large position, but had never put the action behind the words.”

Skillman said his most important qualification for the position is his ability to listen, which is an important quality for SGA since it is a platform that students use to access the administration at WKU.

His main priority for his time as senator is to continue the initiatives started by Wininger during his time as head of the sustainability committee, Skillman said. These intivitives include increasing off-campus recycling, accessing feasibility of a used WKU apparel recycling program, and looking into an adopt-a-highway approach for maintaining campus and green areas. 

“I have always had a desire to work in the public policy area of economics, and I think this position grants me the opportunity to assess projects and their implications in a real-world setting,” Skillman said.

Freshman Senator Addison Falkner

Addison Falkner is a freshman double majoring in forensic psychology and public relations. Falkner is a member of the Mahurin Honors College, a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and she is involved with Dance Big Red on campus. 

“I was excited and honored to have been elected the freshman senator,” Falkner said. “I am looking forward to getting to speak to my peers and hear what concerns they have, and I will address those concerns.

Falkner said she has been appointed to the Campus Improvements and Sustainability Committee where she hopes to write legislation that will improve the lives of students. Falkner said she would be especially concerned with issues such as food insecurity and recycling. 

Freshman Senator Sam Kurtz

Sam Kurtz is a freshman majoring in political science and economics at WKU. Kurtz is also involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon as well as various Bible studies. 

Kurtz said he was encouraged to run for SGA by his counselor, Matt Brown, at H4 camp. Kurtz said from there Brown was his campaign manager and helped him create digital flyers that were then posted on social media. Kurtz said that since he is involved in Greek life he was able to campaign at chapter events. 

Kurtz said that he was qualified for his position because he is a very approachable person, well known around campus, and constantly learning about political processes. 

“My goal is to change the lives of the freshman class by getting them more involved,” Kurtz said. “I’d say I showed at least 200 people how to vote for SGA, as many didn’t even know what the process was.”

Kurtz said his number one priority is to listen and remain approachable to students.

Freshman Senator Jenna Wells

Jenna Wells is a freshman majoring in strategic marketing. Wells is a member of the Mahurin Honors College. 

Wells said she is honored and excited to represent the student body as a freshman senator. Wells said that she heard about SGA while attending the freshman Mahurin Honors College retreat over the summer. Wells said that the idea of creating inclusiveness and ensuring a voice for students is what led her to run for the position. 

“I want to represent the freshman class well by listening to their concerns, by reaching out and getting to know my peers, and by encouraging them to find their community,” Wells said. “I want to intentionally reach out to students I’m not typically around to ensure voices don’t go unheard.”

Wells said she is qualified for her position because of her driven personality, ability to lead through advocating and listening, and her involvement on campus. 

“Being a freshman, I want to immerse myself in the WKU atmosphere and understand needs and then begin working towards ways to improve,” Wells said. 

Gatton Academy Senator Arivumani Srivastava

Arivumani Srivastava is a student at the Gatton Academy, a “two-year residential STEM school for gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors,” according to the WKU website

“A lot of people at Gatton don’t really know that we are represented at SGA, so my goal was to make sure that every Gatton student knows they can come to me with any concerns,” Srivastava said. 

Srivastava said one of his biggest goals while running was to make sure that every Gatton Academy student knew who he was and that he was running. Srivastava said he doesnt think many Gatton students know that all the resources offered to WKU students are also available for them.

Srivastava said that he is looking to gain experience in writing legislation through SGA and since he was appointed to the committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, he wants to use that platform to make sure Gatton students are included in the intercultural activities happening on campus. 

Judicial Council Member Nicole Massarone

Nicole Massarone is majoring in legal studies at WKU. Massarone’s future ambition is to become a lawyer. 

Massarone said she was very honored that she was nominated and that she believes SGA will help prepare her for her future career by giving her an unbiased voice and experience reviewing different cases. 

“I am here to listen to all issues that have to deal with judiciary matters students would like to bring to our attention and make sure that I am giving my all to this council and the students at WKU, all while maintaining an unbiased position,” Massarone said. 

Judicial Council Member Abbey Norvell

Abbey Norvell was unavailable for comment. 

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