WKU Gender and Women Studies department hosts Female Filmmakers screening


Genesis Malone, News reporter

Film majors April Gregory, Carrie Guyton and Elisabeth Sandahl organized The Female Filmmakers screening series to highlight the women behind the cameras of the film industry. 

“We collectively chose films made by women and distributed to diverse audiences, rather than those geared specifically towards women to show that women are just as versatile without giving in to stereotypes,” Guyton said. 

The series includes films such as “Queen and Slim,” “City of God” and “We Need To Talk About Kevin.” The screenings started on Aug. 30 and go through Nov. 30 on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. in the Jody Richards Hall Auditorium. 

The creators of the event want to show the diversity of women in the industry in all aspects beyond Hollywood and portray that women can tell any story and be successful in doing so.

“There are many films that have female characters as lead but in looking past that, you’ll find that the actual people charged with telling the story of the movies lack female presence,” Sandahl said. 

The series reflects the work of women from several backgrounds and ethnicities, in cinematography, editing and production design. Each screening of the film is preceded by a brief presentation and a discussion of the film. Students who attend the series are eligible for Film 155 credit. 

“Before researching for this screening series I had very little knowledge about female directors, cinematographers and production designers and I was excited to learn more as a woman learning how to enter the film industry.” 

News reporter Genesis Malone can be reached at [email protected].