OPINION: A poet’s reflection of now

Rose Donnelly, Commentary writer

A Plague of Carelessness 

Unprecedented – 

Finding a new normal –

Empty phrases from tired mouths uttering them. 

There has never been 

And never will be a ‘normal.’

Our world is caught in the crossfire 

Of war-torn battlefields between 

The risk-takers and the careful.

“United we stand, divided we fall” 

Divided we stand, together we fall

From the first mask up, to the last mask down. 

This is a shared experience – 

No matter how much you run away 

Life is changing as we know it 

Uncertainty is a loud killer of hope

Even the optimists have drawn silent

Silence is shared 

As the masses slowly begin to forget 

Where we started 

In hopes we will arrive sooner

To something better.


An Ode to the End of the Semester

Stress manifests in the soul –

It is a silent killer in the night 

Holding it together until the knots break 

Late at night or in line at the grocery store – 

Deadlines, exams, essays, projects 

Hit with the force of dread and exhaustion 

Falling into a pit of academic despair 

This isn’t a sprint to the finish line – 

This is outrunning the demons 

From sinking their fangs of defeat into your side. 


Sleepless nights and droopy-eyed days 

Same sweatshirt – stained in all its glory 

Not enough milligrams of caffeine to keep you alert 

Procrastination taunting you 

Perfectionism eating away at your weathered body 

You are here – fighting it all

Hanging on to the last bit of hope that this will soon end 

Preparing for the day you welcome rest 

As an old friend lost at sea

Holding on until the spring arrives

And the process starts all over again.

Commentary writer Rose Donnelly can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @RoseDonnelly_