WKU Feminist Student Union holds first meeting

Alexandria Anderson, News reporter

The recently created WKU Feminist Student Union held its first meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 23 to cover introductory topics, responses to the recently publicized sexual assault lawsuit againt WKU and planned events for the semester.

Olivia Neil, a freshman advertising major and president of the Feminist Student Union, explained her main reasoning for starting FSU was that she wanted to get involved on campus but no current organizations had a clear feminist message. She also spoke on how she thinks FSU will benefit the students that join.

“I think students will benefit from having a space to talk and meet with each other,” Neil said. “When creating FSU, I wanted to make a space for everyone. A safe space to talk about things we want to change and to work with organizations on a national and global scale.”

FSU wants to give a space to anyone affected by sexual assault and will continue to keep this topic at the forefront of conversations. They want members and WKU students to know that they are not alone.

“I feel like a lot of the time, when a sexual assault allegation comes out, women are expected to take it with grace, and I don’t like that,” Emma Wayne, a freshman biology major, said during this discussion at the meeting. “Women should be allowed to be angry, and this [FSU] is a great place for constructive feminist anger.”

The organization will be working with many different groups throughout the semester, including BRASS, Inc. and Hope Harbor. They are also planning upcoming events for March, which is Women’s History Month. These include a feminine products drive and a paint night, tentatively planned for March 8 at 5 p.m.

“I think this will be a great way for women to advocate, because a lot of the time we’re just coerced into silence,” Annie Whaley, a freshman international affairs, Arabic and public relations major said. “All people deserve a safe space to learn how to use their voice and be able to share it with the community.”

For those interested in joining, FSU membership is $7 and can be sent through Venmo to @Renee_Reinhardt. Those interested can also join the FSU WhatsApp, which can be found in their Instagram bio.

News reporter Alexandria Anderson can be reached at [email protected].