3 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

Alexandria Anderson, News Reporter

March is Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to commemorating and recognizing the achievements of women across the world as well as providing resources to further support women year-round.

There are multiple ways to support women this month and bring this celebration into different aspects of your life throughout the entire year. Here are three ways that you can celebrate Women’s History Month:

Get involved with events

One way to get involved is to support organizations that are hosting Women’s History Month activities, volunteer efforts and events. 

The newly formed Feminist Student Union is hosting a period products drive for the entire month of March in conjunction with the Barren River Area Safe Space. The goal for this drive is to connect those that menstruate with period products that they may not have reliable access to. The donation link can be found here and there are drop-off locations in DSU, Jody Richards Hall, FAC and HCIC.

The Kentucky Museum will also be offering a Women’s History Month Gallery Talk event on March 28 at 7 p.m., which will offer an in-depth look at three women-centric exhibits. There will be discussions about the research and artifacts put into these exhibits and the event will offer a historical perspective to women’s experiences.

Do your research

To fully recognize Women’s History Month, it helps to be aware of women’s notable achievements and to seek knowledge outside of what you already know.

There are many ways to go about this. You could focus on learning a little about women’s achievements in your field of study, such as taking the time to learn more about women that developed scientific theories or appreciating the works of female artists.

This research doesn’t have to just be historical–simply looking into your professor’s research, recognizing the accomplishments of women in your life and actively seeking out the work of women can open your mind to understanding the impact of women’s achievements in the past and present.

It also doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. By just taking a few moments of your day to learn more about women’s contributions to our world, it will help you further notice how these achievements should be recognized year-round.

Actively support women

It may seem obvious, but actively supporting the women in your life is the best way to further the impact and causes of Women’s History Month.

One of the purposes of this month is to see the positive impact women have on each other and society. Whether or not you are a woman, it is vital that this purpose is kept in mind throughout the entire year, but specifically this month, when there are more resources to be reflective about this topic and truly work on ways to support women.

As a woman, it is this month that offers the opportunity to not only uplift other women but to uplift yourself. Take pride in your achievements and step back to look how far you have come; use this time to appreciate the women that came before you and reflect on how your connections with other women have been beneficial in your life.

For others, work to offer support and put aside time to reflect on the women in your life. Participate in events that aid or support women in your community, practice being an active voice for women’s rights year-round and recognize past biases that may limit your perspectives.

News Reporter Alexandria Anderson can be reached at [email protected].