4 of the best places to study off campus


Damon Stone, News Reporter

Studying on campus can get old after a while, especially for those who have lived on campus for the past few semesters. For those who seek an alternative study location, there are a few places to go off campus instead. 

Here are the best places to study off campus: 

Q Coffee Emporium:

At several main-stream coffee shops across the nation, you can usually see students sitting at tables, studying on their laptops, and drinking coffee. While studying at Q Coffee Emporium, you can have the same experience while supporting a local business. 

Q Coffee Emporium provides quality food and drinks, and ample study space. The space includes numerous sofas and comfortable chairs spread around for groups to study at. 

Students can experience the high quality food and drinks along with ample sitting space  for studying. This space includes several chairs, tables with outlets, and an easy access to food. 

Fountain Square Park:

An iconic Bowling Green landmark, Fountain Square Park puts you right in the middle of the city that WKU calls home. The space includes an open-air area, several options for seating, and statues depicting figures from mythology. 

With the park’s central location, it allows opportunities for a student to be right in the heart  of the city, witnessing all the sights and sounds that it has to offer. 

The park serves as a tranquil location for students wishing to study off campus, while not being deafened by silence, but calmed by the sounds of nature and urban life. 

Bowling Green Ballpark:

When most people think of study places, a ballpark probably doesn’t come to mind. However, the Bowling Green Ballpark, and its surrounding areas, serve as a prime location for students to study. 

In the area, there are numerous seating options  and restaurants for students to dine and study at, with Mariah’s, Starbucks, and 643 Bar and Grill being potential locations for both activities 

The open air space at the ballpark also offers games like corn hole, and other activities. For students with children, the park hosts a high-quality play space for young ones to be entertained with physical activities while the parents can study. The ballpark hosts the Hot Rods, Bowling Green’s own minor league baseball team, so for baseball fans, an exciting game of baseball could be seen, before or after having studied, of course.

Corner Bakery Cafe: 

Like most bakeries, Corner Bakery Cafe offers a wide variety of meals, drinks, and baked goods. The sitting space is spread out, and perfect for students who need a new place to study. Booth seating allows for multiple groups of people, making it a perfect place for studying with a group.

Corner Bakery Cafe’s menu includes breakfast meals, sandwiches, panini’s, salads, soups, and a variety of more healthy options for its patrons. 

For students that want a simple experience, with a local flair, Corner Bakery Cafe serves as an excellent option for a study place in Bowling Green.

News reporter Damon Stone can be reached at [email protected]